Dearth of dog-friendly homes


It seems that problems of dog lovers will never end. While we are fighting for the rights of our pooches for more dog-friendly places like parks, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc, few of us are looking for dog-friendly homes. Yes, our darling pooches are not comfortable even in our homes now.

More recently, a few housing societies in Mumbai have decided that pets cannot be allowed in the lifts. It has created a lot of problems to the dog lovers, residing in such flats. Dogs need to be taken out for walk and for their nature’s call 2-3 times a day and since it is not possible to use stairs every time (specially for people living on third floor and above), they are being deprived of their right. A few housing societies even have a blanket no-pet policy, while a few others charge a monthly fee for keeping a pet.
Dogs are our family members and human-canine bond has been respected and cherished from time immemorial. They teach us loyalty, friendship, love and care. They are the support for the aged, security for the children and companion for the youth. It is our responsibility to give them a comfortable life…a small price for their lifelong love and companionship. Housing societies, thus, should come forward and take care of everybody’s interests rather than making rules, which favour one segment only.
Sparkle is equally worried about his furry friends and wants all of us to come forward and fight for their rights. And, we definitely won’t let them suffer; after all, we are the proud pet parents. With this in mind, we wish you a very Happy New Year.