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If you are planning to bring home an adorable kitty, then it’s your responsibility to make transition easy for your loving feline. Here’s more on how to make the physical environment conducive for this little angel.
Kittens in a new home deserve time to get used to their new situation, gain confidence and start bonding to their new family without getting too overstimulated. Here are a few tips to make it easier for them to adjust to the new surroundings:

  1. Confinement: Decide the place where you wish to keep her and limit her to one room for the first week at least for a kitten and longer for an older cat or two kittens.
  2. Spending time: When they are in the confined area, spend lots of time with them. Just being there only makes quick bonding to the new family. Your kitten should be confident of you and not duck away from you by the time you give her the run of the house.
  3. Litter box training: It is also the best time to get the kitten convinced that she likes her litter box. Bring the kitten in a carrier and open the carrier next to the litter box.
  4. Giving her own time: Let the kitten choose its own time to venture forth and leave the carrier available with open door as a refuge. If she does so immediately, make the effort to scratch her feet in her litter box, so that she locates it promptly.
  5. Water bowl: Provide water on the other side of the carrier or away from the litter box.
  6. Changing the place of litterbox: Move the litter box only a few feet at a time, rather than a room at a time.
  7. Sleeping together: Let the kitten sleep with you if you have a single kitten. But, do not forget to wear heavy pyjamas as they have sharp little claws.