Diet chart for an adult kitty


As cats are natural carnivores and are unlikely to willingly forego meat from their diet, it is advisable not to feed cat on vegetarian diet alone. In addition to Taurine, Arachidonic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Niacin, Thiamin and protein are the critical nutrients that should be ensured at adequate level in the diet of cat. Whilst cats may enjoy certain plant foods, vegetarian diets high in fibre and polyunsaturated fatty acids may be detrimental to a cat’s health. High fibre foods can fill the cat’s digestive system without providing the necessary nutrients in sufficient concentrations. Following is the diet chart for an adult cat

Liver 50 g
Milk 100 ml
Fish 50
Chicken/Beef 150 g
Rice 50
Vitamin A, D & B complex +
Minerals +
Salt iodized 1 g
Taurine +
Dr. V. Balakrishnan