My territory smells of me.. better keep off!


Spraying is a cat’s way of marking her territory. It is a natural and common behaviour in kitties, and also different from urination (relieving full bladder). But incase our fastidious kitties are spraying highly inside the house, then there’s a problem.
Kitty cause!
Kitties are just like kids; they want our attention and care all the time and hate sharing these with anyone. Seeing a stranger or a new pet in home causes anxiety or stress in kitties, which eventually increases spraying. Schedule changes, like moving to new home or place, spending less time with cats, or lack of proper care also cause spraying. Besides these, one has to closely observe the activities going around, so as to find out what’s bothering our feline friends.
Cure ‘n’ control!
To control spraying, the best approach would be to avoid all such conditions, which trigger fear, anxiety or stress in cats, as it is natural response of cats to spray to reaffirm their dominance.
If cats are spayed or neutered before 6-months, there are very bleak chances of spraying, it is an effective measure in stopping this behavior (90% in male cats and 95% in female cats). If your cat repeatedly sprays at one spot, clean up the area with 10% solution of washing powder, rinse and then dry to remove urine odour. Do not expose cats to loud noises or too many activities, instead pat and comfort her. Most importantly, consult your vet for proper treatment.