Turkish Angora… a purr poetry in motion


They are beautiful… like an angel, loving… like cupid, mighty…like a king and healthy…like an athlete.

Royal charisma…

Elegant, brilliant and loving are the purrfect words to describe the Turkish Angora. Elegant…. Oh yes! A lithe Turkish Angora sits up regally on her long, finely boned legs, a silken sheen of gossamer fur dripping from her slender, graceful neck, with her delicately pointed face and large, expressive, almond eyes. Large, pointed, tufted ears set high atop her head like a crown. Definitely, these royal kids are the real enthrallment for both breeders and the owners.

Graceful persona…

Admirable look and fur deep beauty…their true elegance lies in action and so they are fondly called “purr poetry in motion.” You haven’t seen true beauty until you’ve seen an Angora in action. They move with the fluid, coordinated grace of small, furry ballet dancers.

Kitty…my friend

They will reward you with exuberant affection and entertain
you with their wonderful sense of humour and love to show off. They do things as if they possess intuitional powers and are ready to help you always. They adore their owners and will follow about the house trying to assist, no matter what the task. They are extremely inquisitive and can search your closets, drawers or even your purse, looking for heaven knows what.

Purr in track suit…

They are athletic and love nothing better than leaping to the tops of doors to make them swing to and fro. You will wonder how they can possibly reach the high places in which you will find them.

Groom…like anthology of a flower

The kittens are little imps from the moment they begin to walk. They are fuzzy little balls of fur, scampering around the house. Their coat usually starts to change at the age of nine weeks and it becomes silky when they mature. As teenagers (4-8 months), the coat is rather short, having just a fluffy tail and a little bit of britches and belly fur. As they near eight months, the coat lengthens and fills out. The mature coat is finally attained at about two years or earlier when the cat is neutered or spayed.

Love…only you…

Angoras tend to bond with one favorite person rather than the whole family, and for that reason are particularly good companions for people living alone. They still will shower affection on others they know and like, but only at their chosen person will they gaze with large, liquid eyes full of trust, adoration, and devotion. They become ever-present companions showing unconditional loyalty and love.

Disease keeps at bay…

Turkish Angoras have roamed the countryside and villages of Turkey, virtually unchanged through many centuries. The character that led to their survival is strongly instinctual and very intelligent. They are very hardy breed, having few, if any, health problems. Their silky single coats, developed through eons to protect them in the cold Turkish winters, while shedding down to almost nothing in the heat of the Turkish summers; have a sensuous, satiny feeling to the touch, unlike that of any other breed.

Barbara E Azan has been breeding Turkish Angoras for the past 37 years at Azima Turkish Angora Associates, Damascus. For more details, log on to: www.turkish-angoras.com, email: barbazan@yahoo.com