Combating stress level in felines


An ideal home should be a penetralia of peace and we all have dreams about it. It should be a place where you can retreat after a bad day at work. Let’s make our home purrfect for our felines as well. Here are a few ways to make life stress-free for our felines.

  • Just like you, cats also need their own personal space. So, create a place, which your cat can claim as his very own.
  • Your jetsetting lifestyle is not an excuse to connive your cat. Give quality time to your kitty and he will fill your life with happiness.
  • Everybody loves pleasant voice, including our kitties. Don’t yell or scold him. Talk to him in a cheerful tone and see him react in a positive manner.
  • If you own a cat family, always give separate space for small kittens and younger cats, otherwise the big one may terrify the smaller ones.
  • Cat’s hearing is far more acute than humans so noise can severely stress your cats. Sound of vehicles or shouting may make them fearful. Give them a noise-free environment.
  • Like hearing, cats have a wonderful sense of smell and strong perfumes may irritate them. So be careful while you
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    use that favourite bottle of spray.

  • Cats are very playful. Playing with them can reduce his stress as well as yours. So, what are you waiting for, pick up that toy and play with your kitty.
  • Cats need a balanced diet to keep their body healthy and lead a stress free life. Consult your vet to formulate a balanced diet for your cat.
  • Check out for signs of stress like excessive grooming, pacing up and down the room etc. Your vet can also test his cortisol level – if it is high, your kitty is stressed. Act now to make him happy.
  • More importantly, love him abundantly and give him attention and you will be blessed with a loving and happy cat.