Benefits of Mixing Dry and Wet feeding in pets

You need to feed your pet the Right Balance of Nutrition, manufactured foods like Pedigree guarantee excellent nutrition for your dog. A study has been performed which shows that a typical home prepared food for adult dogs in India was deficient in calcium, potassium, vitamin D and vitamin E, according to NRC guidelines. Feeding dry and wet food provides variety, good oral health and much more.

Home cooked diet

Too much energy in the home-made diet can cause pets to become overweight and have loose stools. Meat can cause all meat syndrome if fed alone, causing bone problems in addition to unacceptable smell of stools. Cooking or preparing mutton/lamb meat or chicken for your dog requires right temperature balancing safety and nutrition. Meat is either overcooked or undercooked in our traditional cooking practices in India.

Finding the right balance

Your dog loves the taste of meat, but you want to make sure he’s getting the nutritional balance he needs. Each nutrient is in the correct ratio to the energy content of the diet. Each nutrient is in the correct ratio to other nutrients. Each nutrient is in a form which is useable by the dog for which the diet is made.
Your dog needs a diet which delivers all his daily iron requirement. You could give him half a kilo of spinach every day: alternatively feeding him quality food diets like Pedigree pouch ensures he gets all the iron he needs.
Wet food is more like real meat, same mouth feel, looks like human food. More varieties in terms of flavours, textures and formats and also right nutrients in correct level!
You worry whether your dog is digesting his food properly, especially when you notice that his stools are soft. It contains prebiotics and dietary fibre, which aids digestion and ensures your dog absorbs all nutrients from his food. You can see result in smaller and firmer stools.
Advantages of feeding dry and wet food – mixed to your pooch

  • Provides all the key nutrients needed to meet the daily needs of a dog with the quantity of energy required to sustain the animal’s lifestage and helps dogs become more accepting to different formats.
  • Is beneficial to dogs who like variety in terms of format, texture and flavour.
  • Benefits urinary tract health in small breed dogs. Feeding 25 percent of the daily calories as wet food may reduce the risk of calcium oxalate stone formation.
  • Volume is larger so it looks like the dog is getting more to eat.
  • Wet food can be warmed up on a cold day/if the dog is ill/for a change.
  • It is easier to administer capsules/supplements to wet food than dry. Wet food is seen as a traditional pet food.
  • Potentially reduced risk of over feeding and hence one can avoid surplus calories.
  • Can help weight gain to include some dry with wet.
  • Increase the water content of dry food.
  • Mixed food may encourage dog to eat more slowly.