Dine with your canine… in style

If you are in Bengaluru and you wish to dine with your loved ones (pooches included), CounterCulture is the place to be. Indulge in the exotic, relaxing and pet-friendly atmosphere… while you enjoy your gourmet.

The venue…

Spread over 25,000 sq ft, CounterCulture is a place that welcomes you with your pets to have a great time together. CounterCulture primarily came about as an attempt to create a space channelised towards encouraging and showcasing alternative ideas. Offering a restored old factory converted into a restaurant surrounded by almond, chikoo, mango and coconut trees, it is located in a quaint part of Bengaluru suburbs called Mahadevpura, close to ITPL in the industrial belt of White Field.
In a city that is undergoing more makeovers than the residents can keep pace with, CounterCulture hopes to impart a faint whiff of the quintessentially Bangaloreans relaxed open spaces, where the greenery serves as the canvas for theme-based gourmet fare while still allowing guests to swing back into their own preferred comfort zones. And what’s more? You can bring along your pets too – everybody is welcome to our place, says Vishwaraj Mohan, the owner of the restaurant.

The pet angle…

“We understand people have pets and love to spend time with them – they are an integral part of their family and it just makes sense to take them along. I am a pet lover myself and if you happen to come to my restaurant, you would have met Bonzo, my one year and four months old Rottweiler. He is a very happy dog and he loves to meet people,” told Vishwaraj.
“Though we have never advertised ourselves as pet-friendly restaurants but once the customers come here and see the relaxed atmosphere here; they eventually bring along their pooches next time. In fact, most of the people who bring dogs here are our regular customers,” he added.

The response…

“Pet lovers go crazy about the concept…they simply love it. Of course, there are a few customers who are not so comfortable about having pets around but since we have a huge space, we keep such customers away from pets…thus maintaining their privacy,” told Vishwaraj.

The pets’ response…

“Normally, the pets are little apprehensive in the beginning as it is a new territory for them but they ease themselves after a while,” he told. “And yes, we ensure that the pet parents take care of their pets’ needs and handle them.”

On pet food…

“Though we do not offer any delicacies for the pets but yes, we do stock commercial pet foods, in case any of our pet guests want a bite,” laughed Vishwaraj. “After all, each family member needs to be pampered – why leave our pets behind?” he concluded.
For more info, visit www.counterculture.co.in