Savannah the Mini Cheeetah

Blessed with the marking and attitude of the magnificent Cheetahs and an affectionate temperament, the Savannahs are simply superb.

Wild beautiful looks…

Savannahs are the largest of all pet cats with the longest legs compared to body size of any cat in the world. They are the only cats to have hooded eyes, which is to cut out the sun’s glare whilst they are hunting. This gives the eyes an almond shape. They have “Cheetah Tears” which are black streaks running down from inside of the eyes along either sides of the nose, again to cut out sun glare. Their eyes are emerald green or gold and nose can vary from brick red to jet black.
The head is triangular in shape and long, while the ears are very big with dark coloured tips and then a lighter colour beneath. They are bred from wild African Servals which are cousins to Cheetahs, so the Savannah is very like both of these wild cats in build. They have long lean bodies, long legs and a long tail. The pelt is very wild looking, profusely spotted and striped and with the exception of the Bengal, they are the only pet cats to have spotted coats. The colours are usually shades of brown or grey above and white or lighter brown on the tummy all covered with black or dark spots and stripes.

Friendly ones…

The Savannah is very friendly and enjoys the company of humans and other animals. She is intelligent, inquisitive and loves to play. They will fetch ball or favourite toys for you to throw and enjoy going for walks with their pet parents on a lead and harness. They are very loyal to their pet parents.

Grooming ‘n care….

Savannahs don’t need much in the way of grooming but they enjoy a weekly brush and as they are not afraid of water, they can be bathed when needed. Their tips of the claws need to be cut once or twice a month.
Keep him indoors and only allow him out on a lead and harness, don’t use collars as it will damage their long necks. They love to go for walks with you once they are lead trained, they will enjoy activities like playing fetch once you teach them. They are like a best friend and crave your attention and will not be suitable for those out at work all day unless they have the company of another animal. It is a privilege to live with a Savannah, they are such majestic and beautiful cats, it’s like having a little cheetah at home.

(With inputs from Gillian Mitchell, who has a tica registered cattery and breeder of Savaanah cats in the UK ( and Teresa Adebahr from WildStreak Savannahs, Canada).