Pawssionate parenting!


Life is beautiful- each moment ever changing, filled with new challenges – amongst all the whirlpool of activities which surround me – I stop and look at Sparkle & Suhaan (my 3.5 years old) – and their attitude towards life…if they are happy, they show it; if they are sad that is visible too; if they want love, they simply come and snuggle. What they both want is expressed loud and clear – toys generally for Suhaan and walks for Sparkle.
Zest for life is expressed with exuberance, and a twinkle of the eye. Sparkle’s little wag and Suhaan’s bell like laughter – both make my day. Both constantly look at me for assurance and hugs. What puts me in awe is their patience, kindness and concern for each other. It’s a big challenge being a parent to both of them but I learn a lot from both of them too. Mornings are my favourite when I have both of them at my either side…simply PAWFECT! (Have to say touchwood here!)
To all parents out there –this is a bond so true… kids and dogs share a beautiful relationship… so if you are planning to get a puppy home, get her for all the RIGHT REASONS. Make the pup a part of your family and if you already are a pet parent…waiting for your baby to arrive…with the right care and attitude, you will have millions of memories for a lifetime.
So this issue is dedicated to PAWSSIONATE PARENTING of your four legged furry babies – taking care of them in a holistic manner – health, nutrition, training, grooming, mental stimulations, feelings, understanding them and looking at the world from their eyes, not yours and most of all… at all times showing that you love them with all your heart.
There is more good news – taking care to a different level is the emergence of special veterinary diagnostic labs, which have veterinary diagnostic machines designed for animals specifically. Also the opening of CGS Hospital for pet care in Gurgaon will surely help pet parents greatly in the time of need and emergencies.
Amidst all this…please do not forget to extend your parenting skills to our stray friends…get them neutered, provide them warmth in the cold and water on the sunny days ahead. Standing up for them when they need us and do protest against animal abuse afflicted on them.
On this happy note, Sparkle woofs you to enjoy each moment – love, live life and laugh…together today and all tomorrows!