How can dogs sense..


How can dogs sense when you are pregnant (sometimes even before you do)?

A dog’s senses of hearing and smellare much more powerful than those of a human. These would have been extremely important in the wild as they would have helped it to sense predators. It is because of these heightened senses that people “employ” guard dogs to protect their property, sniffer dogs to detect drugs and explosives, guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, and why dogs are also ideally equipped to take part in search and rescue missions.

This increased sensitivity somehow also enables them to sense natural disasters before they happen. There are many accounts of how animals (including dogs) acted strangely before the recent tsunami in Southern Asia, as if they knew that it was about to happen.

And when a dog detects your pregnancy, it might start acting very differently towards you. Some dogs become much more protective of the woman, and of her bump; as if they know that there’s another little person inside that they need to look after! While others may become jealous of this new rival for your affections!

It has also been reported that dogs are able to detect the subtle changes that occur in the body when cancer is present.