Dogs sniff, do you know, why?



The dogs are excellent at smelling. The dogs are known their excellent olfactory capability. At times the same capability makes the owners nose wrinkle in disgust. The dog’s digs and rolls on some thing that is buried long back. It will smell a hell, is it not? Now, the owner will have the burden of cleaning the dog once again.

It is very common sight, the dog sniffing at the owner or other people or grass or food. Many won’t know the reason. The reason is nothing but the excellent capability of its special equipment, nose. Because of the special equipment only the primitive dogs survived. The olfactory sense of the dog helped them to smell the prey from longer distance and also helped the fury companion to escape from danger.

The dogs sniff a lot. By this they can smell the presence of other dog in the near distance. One could have noticed the dog sniffing the other dogs back. The dog does this to identify whether the other dog is friend to play with or foe to be wary off. Each dog has unique smell and the smell is very different from the other dog like finger print in human beings.


There is no doubt that the dog is the best friend of the human beings. The dogs will give their life if it is required to protect the owner from any danger. The dogs can also sense the emotional state of his master and behave accordingly. The extra-ordinary olfactory sense of the dog can very well differentiate the tears of pain and tears of joy. The dog will lean on you and snug at you, if they sense that you are sad. They are doing this to offer comfort to you to over come the sadness.

The dog also sniffs the stranger to know whether he is a danger to the house or friend of the owner. The dogs can easily tell you whether the pooch is pregnant or not. The furry friend can also find out whether the owner is well or not. This ability is not by sixth sense. This ability is by their extraordinary olfactory sense which is many times better than human beings. The dogs not only find out whether a women is pregnant or not, they can also find out find out certain type of cancer and other ailments by the special equipment, nose.

As you know the dogs help a lot in policing. The dogs are very effective in search and rescue operation, all because of extraordinary olfactory sense. The dogs can find the person who is buried under rubble or snow or any other. The dogs are very useful in narcotic squad and bomb squad. The dogs which are specially trained can find out the narcotic substance and alert the police to apprehend the person. Likewise the dogs can also help in defusing the bomb by identifying the location of the bomb using the excellent smelling ability. Kudos to the furry companion for the great help extended to the human beings. They deserve it for sure, is it not?