Love for our Pariahs


Christmas, New Year, gifts and holidays, the year always ends on a happier note. Every New Year brings with it a whole new world for us. Here’s wishing all the readers of Dogs & Pups a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. As northern India shivers with winter chill, it’s very heartening to see people giving warmth, love and most important, food to our beloved Pariahs to beat the cold waves. I heard of a family who inspite of their meager income did their best for two little pups who came looking for warmth and shelter. Not only did they feed these furry angels but also provided them with warmth at a cozy corner in their small room to cuddle up with the family. What an amazing gesture!
What caught my attention also was that certain people who in order to keep our great Indian Dogs warm have made warm corners for them in the streets or back alleys by giving them old clothing for their bedding and a few lucky pariahs have even got dog coats. Kudos to the spirit of caring and sharing.
But the truth is that with a few lucky ones who are being cared for by the communities, still there is a vast majority for whom every second is a challenge and are living against all odds – winter, summer or rain. So let’s all gear up and be more responsible towards our community pets.
The second week of February is rather special as along with Valentines Day comes the Random Act Of Kindness Week. Sparkle hopes that you spread love, cheer and kindness not only to your furry angels but also to our pawfect pariahs.

Shweta Khurana