Jan Feb 2011

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Toast to our loving buddies…

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Bearded Collies: fun-loving beautiful chaps!

A Beardie is a winsome, funny, loving, sometimes silly, sometimes pouty, adorable, curious, persistent creature, in short, close to humans. Just be prepared to brush long hair, wet beards in your lap, and muddy pawprints in the wrong places at the wrong time…. Otherwise, they’re like peanuts. You can’t stop with just one.

Right diet for mom & pups for a good start

A-Z of pooch love and care

Canine hip dysplasia

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The marvels of gravy food

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IIs your dog a spoilt brat?

Committed to love, committed to your pooch!!!

Paws and their star

Picture Perfect


Ask the Expert..

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Different brush strokes for different coats

As pet parent, we all understand the benefits of having a clean, well-groomed dog not just for our pleasure, but first and foremost for the benefit to the dog. Different breeds have different coats, here’s how to groom different types of coats.
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ARF: Supporting the animal welfare organisations

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The Pawfect bond of love…

The best companion…truly said!

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Taking care of your diabetic pooch

Diabetes in dogs? Yes, they acquire it too…. Diabetes is an endocrine disorder, and like humans, dogs too can acquire diabetes. Once your pet is diagnosed, the pet parent should take complete care. Doggy News ›

Let your canine shine in winter

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An holistic approach to health and welfare of dogs

An holistic approach is to look at the underlying cause of a behaviour or training problem by looking at the whole-istic health issues of the dog, physically and mentally. Here are a few factors that affect the dog on a daily basis.

Kids Korner

‘WAGS’ For the wonderful vet