A trip to remember WOOF…


A trip to remember WOOF…

A vacation with your pet? Seems a brilliant and bindaas idea! But, the problem lies in identifying dog-friendly places. Sparkle with his family went to Naukuchiatal and had a wonderful time. Here’s an account of their trip …

From Sparkle’s diary…

Hey guys, remember me? I am Sparkle and some time back, I promised to share my most memorable experience with my family. And here it goes… One day when I woke up, I was a bit sad to see those dreadful bags again, bags with which sometimes my mom disappears and sometimes my dad. This time, I wondered who will be away? I saw excitement in the house. There was a flurry of activities and surprisingly, I saw that my stuff was being packed too. Their excitement got the better of me and I ran all around the house. Next morning, to my utter surprise and amazement, I was woken up at 5 in the morning (my family is a late starter and wake up only after 7). I was excited and thought that something good is going to happen and I got it – my folks were going out and the best part of it was that I was going too. We took a small walk before settling in the car. I had the backseat of the car all to myself and my mom and dad settled in the frontseat. Our journey started at 6 am and something inside me churned and told me that I was going to have a whale of time and I was right. After a few hours, we stopped to eat something and there, for the first time in my life, I saw a pair of waddling feet in the pond, which I later learnt belonged to a duck. To my utter amazement, I saw the biggest garden I had ever seen with scurrying bunnies – I really wanted to chase them but was strictly advised by my mom not to. I felt I was in heaven and was curious to know what other surprises lay ahead of me.
It seemed like a long drive but I enjoyed every bit of it – I would snooze, then wake, we would stop for a short time, I would stretch my legs and sniff all the new smells. It was just wonderful! My head was buzzing with smells of all kinds. Then, we started on winding tracks, the weather became cool and we rolled down our windows to immerse ourselves in those serene and lovely surroundings. Boy, wasn’t that amazing- the fresh mountain smell- a far cry from what we get in cities. I could feel the rain and I could even see the clouds rolling in. I had the urge to jump out and run to my heart’s content – but the car did not stop. Maybe there was much more in store for me!
A short while later, we reached our destination and lo and behold, I saw my dream location. I was not aware that such a place existed. After completing the formalities for checking-in, we went to our log hut – and it sure was awesome – the best part was it had a garden right in front. As soon as we kept our luggage inside, I wanted to dash out and play in the greens. The scenic beauty was marvellous – the birds, the squirrels, the flowers, not to mention mud and all those smells drove me wild with joy – I had never spent an afternoon in total madness and that was just too good. I ran to my heart’s content, playing ball and catch and catch, not to forget fetch with my folks. We also went for a long walk in the wood and I saw a stream on the way too. I felt important and pampered. It was a great feeling! I didn’t wanted to sleep and my parents were very surprised. After romping around, we came back and settled in our room for a lil’ nap. I was too happy to sleep – I just sat by the glass window and gazed out thinking God has given us a beautiful world.
The evening was even better. Suddenly, the lights went off and it was pitch dark. Luckily, we were at our hut. Somebody approached us with a flash light in hand, my guarding instincts came alive and I warned him to stay away from me and my family. My mom stroked me gently and told me that he was the night watchman and he had come to put on the generator. That calmed me down. After that, we ate verociously and went to sleep, tired but extremely happy.
The second day dawned and my expedition began right after breakfast. I walked and romped all over, digging and running. And then I heard a debate going on among my parents. It focused on should we or should we not take Sparkle. Luckily, the decision was in my favour and you won’t believe it, I went for BOATING, something I had never imagined.
That one-hour ride on the boat made my day – the clouds rolled in – I sniffed the mountain air. I could not get over the glassy effect of the water and kept gazing and thinking, “Lord, please give me more such holidays.” After the boat ride, it was time to catch the driftwood and I had my first experience with my paw in the lake. The first time I put my paw on the lake, I felt that the surface was not like the normal earth. I kept pedalling to check where the ground was and then I saw my mom diving right in and calling me to join her. Lil’ did she realise that she is tall and I am short! My sixth sense warned me not to follow her. But, I did not miss the fun and went in till I was submerged half in water and tried to catch the wood with its peculiar taste, smell and feel. It was simply mind-blowing.
The resort itself was really great and the staff was very friendly and happy to have me as their guest. I got the same treatment as my mom and dad. I was even allowed at the restaurant. I wish I can go there again, and also wish that everyone should take their lil’ darlings too to this amazing place.
But as they say that all good things come to an end so did my trip and after two days we were on our way back. On reaching back home, I was a lil’ sad and quiet – my folks were worried about me. They gifted me two days of enjoyment and coming back to normal life meant end of fun.
As if reading my thoughts, my mom assured me that they will take me again sometime later and even promised me more holidays at new destinations. I willbe too happy to share my new experiences with you. So take care and bon voyage to you all………….Woof!