Cleanliness is next to godliness and it applies to our canine friends as well. To keep your dog clean, healthy and looking his gleaming best, follow a grooming routine that suits his coat type. Most of the time, people do not know how to groom their pets. Gauri and Urmila of TailWaggers Pet Salon, Mumbai answer some of the frequently asked questions on grooming.
Q?:?How can I take care of my dog’s paws and keep them clean on a regular day-to-day basis?
Gauri and Urmila?:?Taking care of your dog’s delicate paws is an important part of his daily grooming routine. Since paws have very less protection, after his every walk, make sure you inspect his feet carefully for any injuries, blisters, or ticks. Make sure you check between the digits as well. Please do not wash his feet everyday because this can pre-dispose to a fungal infection. If his feet are very mucky then wipe them with a damp towel. Make sure you dry them completely before you let him go. If his paws are very dry or rough, you can apply a little bit of aloe juice on them once or twice a week. Long-haired dogs tend to have a lot of hair growth between the digits of their paws. It is advisable to keep this hair really short. Often this hair is where dirt, ticks, fleas, etc end up after your dog has been out. You can do this at home only if your dog co-operates, otherwise it is best to take him to a professional to avoid any accidents.
Q?:?How can I trim my dog’s nails?
Gauri and Urmila?:?You need to be very careful while trimming your dog’s nails, if you intend doing it at home. There are dog nail clippers available at all pet shops. You need to cut the nail just at the point where it starts to curve downwards. You have to avoid the quick, which is the area of the nail that contains nerves and blood vessels. Cutting the quick accidentally will make your dog bleed and is painful. It is easy to spot the quick if your dog has white nails. Look for the pink line that starts from the base of the nail and extends downward  towards the tip. When you trim, clip below the pink line to avoid cutting it. If you accidentally cut the quick, keep cotton dipped in tincture iodine handy to stop the bleeding. If all this seems a bit complicated, get your dog’s nails trimmed by a professional.

Q?:?What care should be taken when I am pulling out ticks from my dog? And how do I then destroy the tick?

Gauri and Urmila?:?While removing a tick from your dog’s skin, apply a tiny amount of vaseline around that area. Then slowly but firmly pull out the entire tick, body and head. The vaseline loosens the ticks grip on his skin, thereby making it easier to remove the entire tick without its head remaining embedded inside. Once removed, you can destroy it by disposing it in a jar containing diluted dettol.
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