One Animal Life: creating Consciousness


Spreading humanity must be an aim of today’s conscious humans. ONE ANIMAL LIFE, an animal welfare organisation, is working hard towards this goal.

Journey begins…

One Animal Life was started as a power of One human recognising and addressing the need of One animal. Susheela – a stray dog, who had a litter was taken care by her local guardian, but her medical needs were not met. Kshiteeja Bhide, one of the founder members of One Life took initiative to spread awareness that along with food, animals need medical supervision too. Hence, there was a need to spread community awareness about vaccination; neutering and spaying of stray animals; and Susheela’s case had sparked the fuel to initiate an organisation immediately for the welfare of stray dogs.

And thus One Animal Life came into existence.

The cumulative effects of treating, vaccinating and spaying stray dogs become quiet evident as it results in no more puppies getting trampled to death, no fatigued, emancipated females struggling to feed themselves or for their survival along with their pups. Thus, the average life span of stray increases and so does his chances of survival. The organisation’s continuous and dedicated efforts are really outstanding as all the volunteers are working wholeheartedly for animals’ welfare. The list of dogs rehabilitated by the volunteers of One Animal Life goes on increasing with each passing day.

Aspiring goals…

The goal of One Animal Life is to create awareness, that any person who cares can help a stray animal in their neighborhood, to ensure an improved quality of life for dogs. They also aim to treat sick and stray animals (large and small animals), place stray dogs in good homes and encourage people to vaccinate stray dog and last but not the least to teach school children and people in general to treat animals well.

Setting examples…

The Trustees Kshiteeja Bhide, Bhagyashree Ranade, Dr Milind Hatekar and many well-wishers and animal lovers have been working with stray dogs since 1993. As animal lovers, they have been taking care of puppies and finding homes for them. The members have also been neutering strays, treating them medically/surgically and then on recovery placing them back in their desired territory. For more details contact, One Animal Life: 66/7d, Opp Law College, Law College Road, Off Dabhade Path, Pune – 411004, Tel/Fax: 91-020-25463352/25655613. Mobile: 98232 88110 or e-mail at