Protect your friends


The Chinese animal signs are a 12-year cycle used for dating the years. 2006 is the Chinese year of the dog, which was celebrated with much fanfare in China. Along with the celebrations, came the most tragic incident in the Year of the Dog, which has left all the canine lovers across the world, totally speechless. Yes! I am talking about the case ‘China kills 50,000 dogs over 5 days in Rabies campaign.’ It has shocked, outraged and saddened people across the globe. Never before we have heard such an inhuman and barbaric act towards man’s best friends. If this was not enough, the recent news of Saudi Arabia’s religious police banning the sale of the pets, has increased the dilemma of pet lovers. The love and solace which comes with the company of our cuddly furry angels is simply beyond words and the thought of them suffering at the hands of humans, is totally disgusting.
Beyond boundaries, Sparkle calls all people who have compassion and care to unite and help the various welfare organisations, who are working for the cause of such helpless canines. Let us all come forward and make 2006 the ‘Year of the Dog’ in true sense.