Tips to help your pooch overcome fear of noice


With Diwali just around the corner, everybody is looking forward to the celebrations and festivities. Happiness can be seen everywhere but is it the same for your dog as well? Does your loving canine also enjoy the festivals just like you or does it scare him or make him frantic? Diwali is the time to celebrate and it should be the same for your dog. But, the loud noises of the firecrackers make him scared and anxious. Last year, on Diwali, my dog Jimmi was shivering and whimpering throughout the night. We tried our best to calm her with soothing words and gentle patting, to no avail. However hard we tried to feed her, she did not touch food. While it was a happy time for us, it was really sad to see her suffering. This is more or less the same for all canines.
Here are a few tips to help your canine combat fear of noise:

  • Create a safe place for your dog where he can be shielded from the frightening sound. Associate that space with other good things like treats, food, etc.
  • Try to distract him by engaging him in another activity that captures his attention.
  • Ask your vet for medication to help reduce his anxiety level.
  • Before Diwali time, condition your dog to respond to noise in a non-fearful way. This can be done by using a tape with firecracker noise on it. Play the tape at low volume and give your dog a treat or play with him. Gradually increase the volume and treat him.
  • If the dog shows aggressive behaviour, put him on leash for the time there are noises outside.
  • Request your neighbours and friends not to light crackers which make loud noise.
  • Last but not the least, your kind words, your soothing tone and gentle touch will help him go through any nightmare.