Sammy….an angel, a compassionate pal and our Love


We all have one life, and its up to us to live it to the fullest, and those who are able to do that will always leave loving memories. Sammy, our loving pooch is someone we can never forget. Sammy, a German Shepherd, was the brightest amongst his siblings and at a tender age of three months, he was adopted by a family. But as the initial euphoria of bringing home a new puppy wore off, Sam became sad and lonely. He developed a small rash on his back. Soon Sammy’s inactiveness and the growing rash, made the owners abandon him into a shelter…all at the tender age of 4 months.
His first night at the shelter was lonely…Sam was tearful. He had to adapt to this new way of life and Sammy did it with courage and determination. It was then, that Sammy came into our lives when he was almost 5 months old…during a visit to the shelter; I spotted him like a lion amongst the rest of the flock, majestic, head high and shining eyes, the look of the future.
Sammy became a part of our household and a brother of other 3 boys (dogs), Nicky, Benji and Dumpy. Having been vulnerable as a young puppy, he really wanted to become part of the “boys” group and get their love and protection. He therefore began by sharing his dog bones and this act of compassion brought him not only the joy of sharing but motherly love from “Dumpy”, a truly, magnificent, loving and compassionate Labrador.
Sammy was the love of our life… just his presence allowed us to explore different lonely paths, which would have otherwise been unsafe. We walked together each day for the next 9 years. Sammy gave us a direction, a purpose, a reason for being. His love was so overwhelming; an unconditional love nowhere to be found.
Once during his daily walk, Sammy came across the family, which had adopted him as a puppy and abandoned him in a shelter. But, he was calm and composed…showing no signs of grudges, and we were moved.
Sammy died at the age of 9; due to a cancerous growth in his body…even the best of human and veterinary help could not save him. Even in the last stages, though his legs were gone, he held his head high, his face still looked like a lion yet his tired eyes would still talk to us, it was only his heart that was willing to play ball, to chase a cat, to jump on our bed… We loved him, cuddled him and could not let him go. But, it’s the biggest truth of life and we have no other option, but to accept it. So, we bid a tearful adieu to him, and wished peace to his departed soul.

Bhagyashree Ranade