Arjun Rampal


Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia need no introduction to our readers. Miss India 1986 and the ‘Only Vimal’ girl for many years, golden girl Mehr is the name behind Face One, her well known modeling agency. Hunk Arjun Rampal has been scorching the ramp since he was 17 and doesn’t look like he is tired. Atleast the hundreds of petite nymphets who’d die to be with him, agree and he has soared to greater heights with many Bollywood movies, his debut movie being Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat.
Arguably Mumbai’s most good-looking household is home to the couple’s two adorable daughters – Mahikaa & Myra, and two lovely pets – Tyson & Demi, a pair of Boxers. We dare say that the good looks and intelligence is showing off on these two furry wonders!
We got a rare opportunity to have a friendly chat with them about their pets, excerpts of which we publish here for our readers.
Arjun says “I’ve been a pet lover since my childhood.” He remembers his horses from school days at Kodaikanal at a boarding school. “I used to talk to them while riding – it was like we were communicating,” he says.
One of the early pet dogs that he remembers was his cousin’s German Shepherd, a dog who was loved and pampered by the entire family, so much so that when they lost him, they even had a cemetery built for him. “I used to spend my summer breaks with him and was really shattered when I lost him,” said Arjun. Pets teach you maturity and this was the learning that he took from pets that has stood by him in so many years. “I am really happy that we have pets now and our daughters have lessons to take from them,” he feels.
Tyson and Demi, the couple’s Boxer duo have become an indispensable part of their lives. They treat them like their first-born children, and when God blessed the couple with two adorable angels, it was as though the family was complete. To make sure the dogs welcome the girls from day one, Arjun & Mehr decided to break the news to them in a special way as well. “I filled the kids room with lots of treats and let the dogs in, I also kept all their favourite toys there as well to give them a feeling that something good from today is going to happen in the house and that room will have something special. We were little apprehensive initially but Tyson and Demi made it all very easy for us,” said Arjun.
Arjun simply loves his dogs. He is a big admirer of his pets’ personality and treats them often, his pets love to sleep with him and share those cuddly cosy moments together, like kids they also ask for love and affection.
The couple also take the pets out for vacations and the most recent memorable one was a trip to Goa. “Adventurous! We all had a blast with the water, surf and so much of empty space that you don’t get in busy Mumbai,” they said. Arjun’s favourite pastime is to go out on a run with his Boxers. “I am athletic by nature, and in my profession, it’s very important to stay fit and look good and these runs that I steal with my dogs is sometimes the best part of the day,” he added.
And Arjun also always ensures that his pets’ birthdays are celebrated in a special way, he himself plans a great gala for them. Pets are special, he says, and blessed are people who have them. They teach you so much – especially understanding, love patience and communication.
He expressed concern about the way some people maltreat their pets. “Animals and pets are like children and unconditional love that they express is outstanding,” he added.
On responsible pet ownership, Arjun feels that all pet lovers and who have them should be very alert and aware of their feelings. “They communicate with you always and try telling you a lot of things. Treat them like your kids and you will see the response they return to you. I share an extraordinary affinity with my pets. What you experience with your pet
is very different to what any one will experience with humans. Tyson and Demi love us equally but maybe they are a little partial to our daughters but all in all we have lots of fun and have a gala time always with each other around,” he said.
Above all, Arjun’s really excited about the ongoing projects, which he’s involved with at the moment. We are sure his fans are too waiting anxiously for his muchawaited
movies, the big ones being Darna Zaroori Hain, Don and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.
Here’s wishing them good luck and hugs from Dogs & Pups!