Comfy ‘n’ stylish winter dressing

It’s winter time again- the chill is in the air- but it’s also perfect for snuggles with your pet and lots of long walks and belly rubs galore! Just dress him in a warm and cosy jacket and off you two go to enjoy the winter chill.

We all know how smart winter dressing is! The same can be for your pooch. Dress him in a fashionable and stylish jacket. Here’s how to pick the right jacket for your pooch:

  • Measurements: Before you head out to make your purchases, please measure the pet’s neck (collar), length (from collar till start of tail), and the tummy around the widest point. These three measurements must be tallied with the product you wish to buy.
  • Patterns: Winter coats and jackets can have a variety of different fitting patterns. Some provide complete covering from the top and the bottom, others provide top covering only. Some come with sleeves and others without! Please assess your pet’s activities before deciding on what style of jacket to go for.
  • Fitting: Just remember that the jacket/coat should be snug and well fitted. It should not constrict movement of the pet, and a foot or mouth should not get caught where it doesn’t belong! It should also be very easy to put on and take off! If uncomfortable, your pet will probably not be able to sit flat on the floor. So, if you put on a jacket and find your pet standing still in one place – there is a huge possibility that he/she is very uncomfortable!
  • Thickness of the jacket: How warm should the jacket be? This depends on how cold a weather you live in, and how cold your dog feels. Some dogs have a nice, thick coat and do not require additional covering. However, short coat dogs may feel very cold requiring a thicker covering. It is important that pets are supervised when they have clothing on as they can get into a destructive mood and tear it off! The other thing to watch out for is overheating. It is advisable to remove clothing during time of exercise and play as it can result in overheating.

Once you have found the jacket that suits your pet’s requirement and his fashion statement–who cares for the winter blues?

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