Cats & Kittens July Aug 08 Issue


Ragdolls…your dolls for life.
Ragdoll Breeders -Welcome to Love Ragdoll Cats! We are a group of small in home catteries that specializes in Blue Eyed Traditional Ragdolls and Rare Aqua Eyed Mink Ragdolls.
Herding Cats!-Meow! It’s difficult
Meow! It’s difficult
Herding cats – This commonly used cat phrase means to bring together many different people together for a common cause… Well! It’s an uphill task, we all must agree. Now you know what it means when they say – ‘Managing a team of professionals is like herding cats’ or ‘Teaching li’l kids is like herding cats.’
common nerve injury in kitties
Preventing Common Feline Diseases
Grooming the lil’ Kitty
The Cat Lady of Sri Lanka
Chaki, the Zen