PURRing panthers… well!


Bombay cats – one of the rarest breeds is renowned for her soft, sensuous glossy black patent leather-like coat and her large round, brilliant copper-gold eyes. This stunning appearance is only the appetiser…the sheer elegance and grace of the regale miniature panthers are unmatched. Here’s more about her.
Fantastic felines…lovable looks
The Bombay is known as the “purring panther”. She is a medium sized hybrid, a cross between the sable American Burmese and the black American Shorthair. She’s got the black shiny coat with large round amber eyes. The Bombay matures much more slowly than other breeds and is usually not ready to leave her mother until 14 to 16 weeks of age. The divine looks improve with time.
As they grow, the appearance of head and jaws changes dramatically after six months, completely transforming an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. She is an extraordinary cat, robust and healthy too.
Fun loving friends…camaraderie champ
Bombays are affectionate, loving, intelligent, fun loving, curious…well the list is endless. In fact they are friendliest and most loved cat breed. They hate to be left alone; they are the party animals in true sense. They love to be cuddled all the time. Once you have them, they will become the part ‘n’ parcel of your life. While you watch TV, they will sit on your lap and enjoy the show, when you sleep, they will be there in the quilt, craving for a warm hug and when you sit down, don’t be surprised to find your Bombay sitting beside you, moments later. At every available oppor-tunity, your Bombay will occupy your lap or chest, and gaze soulfully into your eyes or perch on your shoulder purring sweet nothings in your ear. Nothing surpasses the Bombay’s sweet-loving nature.
Your Bombay is totally delightful. No other breed can match her charm, cheekiness or overwhelming affectionate nature. The Bombay insists that you love her and, in the end, you will be simply spellbound by her. The Bombay is more than a cat, she’s an experience!
(Veruska Taborsky-Mould is a cat breeder from Sydney, who has introduced the Bombay to the South Pacific
and remains the only recognized breeder of Bombay in Australia.
For more info about these fabulous felines, visit : www. burmesemoravanka.com.)