Black cats: awesome or atrocious?


How do cat lovers describe black cats? Mysterious, magical, charming, elegant, gorgeous, sensuous…. Now, let’s see what non-cat lovers have to say about them – monstrous, barbaric, witchcraft, villainous, unlucky…. Different people, different viewpoints, but it’s time that black cats get their share of due recognition and love.
The most common myth that prevails is that if a black cat crosses your path, it brings bad luck. Also, these black beauties are considered to be companions of witches and a part of sorcery and witchcraft. In US, some cat shelters do not adopt black cats during All Hallow’s Eve as they are considered to be associated with witchcraft.
But, all these myths are completely baseless. Like all other cats, these black felines are equally lovable and playful, not to forget their charm, grace and elegance.