Magnificent Maine’s


Maine Coon has always been admired for her beauty, giving a feel of power and strength. She stands tall with wild looks and bushy tail. These gentle giants are known to be athletic, playful and are good hunters. But beneath this powerful and strong body, lies a cat with an extremely sweet disposition.

Pretty ‘n’ sturdy
Maine Coons are tall muscular cats with a rectangular body and solid bone structure. They have heavy, water-resistant glossy coat which is soft to touch. Her coat falls smoothly and is easy to maintain. Her long bushy tail serves the dual purpose to protect her against cold as she wraps it around herself while sleeping. Her furry ears also protect her from cold and her big round, tufted feet serve as snowshoes. Her eyes are large, well spaced and slightly oval, which appear round when wide open. Their voice is distinctive with a chirping trill. They are available in a variety of colours like tabby, solid colour, tortoise shell, silver, smoke and particolor. They weigh around 4-10 kg.

Sweet ‘n’ playful
They are gentle, social cats who are highly people-oriented. They love to follow their owners and get involved in what they are doing. But, they are not lap cats though they love to stay close to their owners. They are easy-going and get along well with children and other pets like dogs and cats. They are not vertically-oriented and prefer to chase objects on ground. They are playful by nature and some Maine Coons are even known to play ‘retrieve’ with their owners. This is one cat who rarely meows, but when it comes to playtime she just meows her way to play.

Easy grooming
They are easy to maintain, as a weekly combing is all that is required to keep their coat healthy and beautiful.