Beginnings & Happy Memories


The first day of your pup/dog is very special. Happy homecoming is possible only with planning and doing the right thing – read, talk, explore. A lot of activities happen before the arrival of the pup- and a lot of work afterwards. It’s a new environment for him – people, smells, places to explore – they need extra love, care and attention. It requires patience, time and loads of love, but believe me, it turns out to be one of the most rewarding experiences and memorable memories.

My three canines – Beauty who looked like a bear cub, Teddy – the grizzly bear- a Pomerian with tonnes of attitude and Sparkle – were all tiny when they came. The excitement when we first met them was tremendous but each would miss their mom and littermates- and howl. But they easily settled in with lots of cuddles, warmth and of course work. Soon they were at their wagging, exploring and don’t mess with me- Best! Lots of patience and love gave them the confidence and kept them happy.

Beauty, my Labrador always wanted attention from my mother first. I specially remember an incident, when she actually pushed my sister off my mother’s lap to make room for herself – as if telling my mom – it’s me FIRST! My Black Beauty, as we used to call her, was an attention and sympathy seeker too. Once she got hurt and had her front paw bandaged- she came to each one of us and showed her bandaged paw. A boundless ball of energy-who my grandmother tried very hard to train- but Beauty had better ideas and would zip in our garden, always trying to evade her. All these memories really lighten and liven up the moment and make the heart smile. I see the same magic between Sparkle and Suhaan – my six-year-old son. The beginning of the day what three of us look forward to most is cuddled up canine moments! Sparkle is Suhaan’s self appointed alarm clock- feels delighted to wake him for school and once he’s up –Sparkle enjoys all the cuddles…

Children bond well with pets and are ever so excited- recently was a pleasure to see three-year-old Zaisha bond with Bingo- all of four months – a zesty Golden Labrador. Zaisha- took charge- her only care and concern Bingo. Not only that when Zaisha went for a three weeks holiday- she missed and worried only about Bingo.

In this issue, we have collected experiences from pet parents about the first day of pup at their home and much more. We are sure it would revive all your past memories and make you prepared for another beginning.
Dogs & Pups  team and Sparkle wish you a Magical, Sparkling & a FUNtastic year ahead.