Let Love be the inspiration!


Life is precious, for humans as well as animals. Since they cannot voice their problems, we should be compassionate and merciful to identify their sickness. Many people assume that stray cats tend to scratch and bite and, hence, they stay away from them, but this is not entirely true. Cats and kittens are very timid and shy away from strangers. But if food is offered regularly and the feline is coaxed gently, then befriending him/her should not be a problem.
Once I saw a stray cat near my house who seemed to have a lump in his abdomen. He was very timid and ran away from us as fast as possible. I started offering him food, which he used to eat and scamper away. This exercise went on for a couple of months and then I started to touch him gently. He seemed friendly. Finally, I was able to trap him and take him to the Blue Cross for surgery. He recovered and now he is back and is a regular guest at my house. Likewise, we can give life of so many stray cats if they are brought to the shelter in time.
Sudhersena is a volunteer at the Blue Cross since 1998; an avid animal lover, she has 9 cats and 3 dogs. She is associated with a number of animal welfare campaigns and programme. For further info contact : Blue Cross
of India, 72 Velachary Road, Chennai – 32, or email: bci@bluecross.org.in