Wishing you a kitty safe Diwali


Come Diwali and we get busy in stocking our supplies of decorations, lights, diyas, candles, sweets and crackers. The whole atmosphere becomes heavenly but it can be a stressful time for your feline as these curious beings would leave no stone unturned (literally!). Here are a few tips to make Diwali safe for your kitty dear:

  • Do not use decorations within the reach of cats as they can swallow them.
  • Do not leave any lighted diyas or candles unattended as our feline investigators can get too close to them    and get hurt.
  • Keep all electrical cables away from her reach as they can get entangled in them or chew them.
  • Do not feed her rich delicacies, however strong you have the temptation.
  • Keep her litter box and feeding area away from the festive area.
  • Give her a cosy space of her own, where she can retire at her own will.
  • Kitties are afraid of loud noises, so keep them indoors when crackers are lighted.
  • Shut the doors and windows to reduce noise.
  • Do not forget to spend quality time with her.
  • Keep the contact details of your vet handy, in case you have a mishap.
  • Enjoy a cracker-free Diwali and spread the word around.