Mother’s pure love


A mother holds her child’s hand for just a short time, but holds her heart forever! On a cold February morning, I woke up early and greeted the sun rays by drawing the curtains apart. To my surprise, Timmie, a stray, who dwells in the abandoned plot in front of my house, was all cuddled up and was trying to hide something very precious. Needless to say, the next moment I found myself in that plot, my attachment to the stray drew me there! When I bent down to pat her, she revealed the secret. Six puffy balls, lay there, snuggling within each other, leaving me spell bound. The expression on Timmie’s face was, “So, how is the surprise, huh?’’ I had definitely loved the surprise and hugged her with joy.
Their eyes were not yet open to this world, they had no idea about the miseries they could suffer in this human world. Tiny ears twitched with every wave of cold wind. Little paws made sure that they were close to their mother. Their tender bodies cuddled into each other for the warmth and security. I couldn’t stop myself, I picked up one of the cutest creatures made by god in the heaven. The innocence on his face was capturing. He left himself, relaxed on my palm and his tiny paws clutched to my thumb. In the meanwhile, Timmie tried her best to keep her pups comfortable by giving them her body warmth.
Not only did I discover that the pups where heavenly and were a beautiful gift of god but also that the love and affection they shared with their mother was unconditional. I got to know that being a mother is the highest paid job in the world, since the payment is done in pure love. Only Timmie was the one on whom they could lean on. Only Timmie was the one with whom they could secure their nights. Only Timmie was the one who could teach them to fight for survival. It was amazing to witness this all.
Gradually, the blooms disappeared and the naked trees stood under the hot sun. Giving way to the rains, the scorching heat bid goodbye. Those tendure, thumb-sized paws now had sharp nails and strength to run and play like hooligans!
Anybody who enters that plot, be it the garbage man or labourer working in the next plot, or our help who is a regular supplier of milk to them, their excitement knows no bounds. One day, our help complained about her torn kurta and refused to serve the pups anymore. I had to sympathise with her but laughed my heart out when I was back into my room. Not anymore, are these young dogs limited to that plot now. They are familiar with every nook and corner of this colony. They follow the milk man and his leaking milk can, religiously, till he crosses the main gate of the colony.
Any new comer dog in the colony has to take permit of these dogs otherwise it turns up into a mess. Initially, Timmie was their caretaker but now her sons and daughters make sure no one hurts their mother. And she rests undisturbed.
–Kanupriya Agarwal, Delhi