Pause for Paws


Taking care of the abandoned dogs is a noble deed and various animal welfare organisations have taken up this responsibility. PAWS is one such NGO working diligently for this social cause.

What is PAWS?

Pet Animal Welfare Society, popularly known as PAWS, is a non-government, non-profitable animal welfare society. Initiated by Dr. R.T. Sharma, the president of the organisation, and a handful of animal lovers in 1998, PAWS is actively working in and around Delhi. PAWS treats all animals as pets of the society and works for their interest, safety and prevention of cruelty towards them.

PAWS shelter

The organisation has an animal shelter and boarding kennels for orphan, abandoned and rescued dogs and cats. They also board pets of people going away. They also have few kennels for post-operative care and indoor patients.

Functional areas of PAWS

PAWS is working for the betterment of stray animals and those who are abandoned by their owners. Some of their year-round activities include: ABC Programme and anti-rabies camp: ?The organisation is effectively implementing Animal Birth Control Programme (ABC) to control the population of strays in our country. For this, they pick up strays, vaccinate them against rabies, sterilise them and then release them in their respective territories. They tattoo their right ears for future identification. PAWS has undertaken thousands of sterilisations till now.
Ambulance service?:?PAWS runs a 24-hour ambulance service for animals in distress under its SOS (save our strays) programme. They also provide treatment, care and food to injured, sick and abandoned animals in shelter.
Rescue programme: Sometimes, pets are ill-treated by their owners. These pets are rescued by PAWS team and put up for adoption. They also undertake counselling of new owners regarding the care and management of adopted animal.
Free adoption programme : Rescued and stray pups are kept in their shelter till they find good homes.
Public awareness camps : PAWS organises public awareness camps to educate people about care and management of pets. They also educate people about the handling of cruelty cases against ill-treated pets. They also encourage people to adopt strays.

Pet Planet: the ultimate dream at PAWS

PAWS is working towards setting up a Pet Planet, which will be a hitech hospital and boarding shelter for animals. It will have facilities like vaccinations, treatments and surgeries of strays and pets, blood dialysis system, X-ray, ultrasound, blood transfusion, artificial insemination, ECG, dentistry, holistic healing, homeopathy, ayurveda, acupressure, etc.

An appeal

PAWS needs your helping paws to implement their aims and objectives. They call for volunteers who can give their valuable time for this noble deed. They also call for donations and suggestions.
More info can be had from, Dr. R.T. Sharma, President, PAWS, C-9/7, Masudpur Market, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Ph: 011-26895737, Mobile: 9810036254, e-mail: or visit