Purring joy…

What would you do if you find an injured cat on the street? Probably you would feel sorry for the cat and wish she gets well. Would you try and take the cat to safety?

One evening, I was taking a walk with one of my friends when suddenly a streak of black ran near our legs. I looked down to see a really thin cat looking up at me and mewing. Before I could think how to reach, the cat started rubbing herself against my legs and purring. I, very cautiously, started petting her and she started purring even more. I picked her up against my friend’s warning that cats can be very dangerous. I took her to the park and sat down on the grass next to her. She climbed onto my lap and I could feel that she felt secure.
Since I have two dogs at home, I was little apprehensive and called my mother outside. My mother also instantly liked the cat. She brought her some milk to drink, which she lapped away hungrily. It was then that I discovered that she was hurt on her hind leg. We took her to the vet, who treated her wounds and gave her an injection. We told him that the kitty couldn’t be left in the streets because we were sure she won’t survive and we couldn’t keep her in the house because we have dogs.
We decided to get one of our dogs and see the kitty’s reaction. But when we got my dog out (I was holding her by collar so that she wouldn’t frighten the kitty too much), the kitty started hissing and struggling to get out of my mother’s arms. The plan failed, but we knew that we couldn’t just leave the kitty on the streets because she looked like a domesticated cat who was abandoned. Since we could not risk the life of this kitty, we decided to leave her at an animal shelter, where she would be cared and may even find a good, loving home. We found a good animal shelter and left our kitty in caring hands.
I only spent three and a half hours with the cat but I feel I have developed a strong bond with her. When I grow up, I would love to work at an animal shelter and spread awareness about animals. I also request all pet parents never to abandon their pets as this is extremely cruel to them. That kitty was lucky to be rescued and sheltered …let’s all make this world a better place for all!