Need of 24/7 pet care


Owned by our furry angels, making their wish our command – a new phase has come where we can actually pamper our lil’ babies. A lot of people have started addressing themselves as pet parents and share the feeling that these darlings are an integral part of the family, who not only give love, but keep the family together and they cannot think of life without their four-legged sweethearts. The foremost thing as responsible pet parents is the health and safety of one’s pet, which makes me wonder, God forbid if emergency strikes at an unearthly hour, who do I call? Where do I go? What do I do? Now imagine a pet care centre which is run 24/7, doesn’t that feel secure? As the number of people who share their lives with their canine babies has grown and is growing everyday, it becomes essential to have facilities that take care of their furry angels. So hoping in the coming year, we have facilities that take care of this need. Till such time comes, it would be good if one could speak to one’s veterinary doctor and be aware of the numbers at which they can be contacted at. To be on the safe side, keep these numbers handy with all members of the family.
Also in times of natural calamities, while ensuring our safety, we must ensure the safety of our pets as well. Recent instances of earthquakes and floods rendered many pets homeless and many succumbed to the vagaries of nature. But, there were a lucky few pets who were saved and protected by pet parents. Kudos to those pet parents!
On a lighter note, the nip in the air is back and it’s time again to look forward to festivities, goodies and wait for Santa. Ensure that your lil’ one is warm, cosy and cuddled with you.
Sparkle loves this time of the year and woofs a very Merry X’mas to you all.

Shweta Khurana