New Year resolutions for a pet parent – the KPS way


As responsible pet parents, we need to be very careful about our pet’s well being. Here are the New Year resolutions every pet parent should take.
Thought for food: Measure all food you give to your pet. Every single treat counts. Give him well-balanced age and breed-specific diet for his healthy well being.
Groom regularly: Keep your grooming tools ready and groom him regularly to keep skin problems at bay.
Keep him occupied:  A bored dog has behavioural issues. Keep your dog mentally-stimulated and occupied. There are lot of toys to keep him busy and happy.
Seek a vet: If you have not taken your pet for a routine check-up for the last six months, do so now.
Adopt a homeless pooch: If you have room for another pet, go for a homeless pooch. Alternatively, you can also take care of a street dog in your vicinity. Get him vaccinated and give him proper meals and a clean place to sleep.
*(The above information is for education purpose only.)