Pawtails I Jan-Feb-2007


Rocking ‘n’ rolling with Rock Star
The innocent gazing eyes of the tiny pup, when I first saw him, had totally left me spellbound. All I could think was, I wanted him. I rushed to my parents and pleaded for consent to bring home the cute, lovable ball of fur. But, they gave no response.
Although dining with my friends, I could only think of those beautiful amber eyes. When I came back home, guess what! I found those most beautiful eyes staring at me with lovable pick-me-up look. I jumped with joy as my heart pounded with elation. I hugged him, close to my heart. The whole night he slept on my lap and next morning we were the best buddies in town.
I named him Rock Star, to me he is the most handsome, faithful, and trustworthy buddy ever, and no wonder he won our hearts. There is a special connection between us that will remain forever. He is the best, the one and the only rock star… so Rocky keep rolling.
– Reea Mehta

No strings attached…
here comes the Max
What does Max means, it means maximum fun, maximum naughtiness and maximum attitude to us. Yes! Our seven-month-old Lab called Max wants maximum out of life. As moon around the earth, planets around the sun, similarly he keeps revolving around us and just follows us everywhere. His attitude and tantrums are no less than any star and guess what! He loves Heavy Metal; believe it or not, he listens to Black Sabbath’s paranoid and goes to sleep…he’s one hell of a rocker.
The day we brought this bundle of joy to our home was my girlfriend Cathy’s birthday and she couldn’t have asked for anything better than Max. She hugged him tightly and was over joyous as if a new baby was born. Now naming him was a kind of problem but with everyone’s consent, we christened him MAX, after Max Caravela, the mighty growler of the metal band SOULFLY. Max is very clear about his likes and dislikes. He’s my best friend and I simply love him.
– Zak Abel

Jazzing all the way
Amor! Amor! The words, we keep chanting… no we are not looking for love. But it is the name of our beloved pooch. He is one of his kind and is our real treasure. He fills our lives with unmatched joy and fun. He came to us as a two-month-old chap and sooner became the ruler of our hearts. His antics spread far and wide; all the kids of our locality became his buddies. Even those, whom we don’t know are coming to meet Amor and he wags and sniffs his buddies, leaving us simply amused.
His popularity touched newer height, when he participated in one of the dog show. His fan following left the organizers spellbound and this tiny lad won the major title, there. He tends to practice his hereditary duck hunting on pests and lizards and tries to impress us all the time. Even if we try to ignore him, his innocent gaze speaks it all, and we can’t feign it longer.
He keeps jazzing around everywhere; enjoying himself walking boastfully all the way to glory. His admirers are not just kids and other pet pooches; he is even popular amongst the strays. He sprinkles joys here, there, everywhere.
– Tulsi Rani Puthran