Pia: my golden lady


had grown up with dogs all around and Pia was one of my favourites. She was a beautiful golden lab. Her walk was like a little lady, she was very fond of the gardener and would carry his tools in a sack to help him do his work. They made quite a pair in the morning at 6 o’ clock, right till it was time for him to go home! Every evening she would take a regular splash in the pond and settle herself in our drawing room, waiting for visitors. She loved people and would listen to our conversation by turning her head from side to side, acknowledging whatever was being said and by whom.
The happy and affectionate Lab wormed her way into everybody’s heart. Soon as dad’s staff car used to arrive, she would run out and take his stick. She was trained by an army dog trainer and knew all the commands.
Moreover, she was sensitive to everybody’s feelings too. I remember one time I was being yelled at for my Hindi marks which had plummeted rock bottom, so I ran to my bedroom and burst into tears. Pia ran after me, jumped on the bed and licked my tears away.
Pia is no more now. Many years later, I went to Lucknow Cantt, visited our old bungalow and saw her grave near the boundary wall. I said a little prayer for my golden lady, Pia!!