Wonders of spaying!


February 24, 2015 was World Spay Day. In connection to this occasion, let’s enumerate the benefits of spaying for our wonderful cats.

Every year numerous kittens and cats meet an untimely death on the streets. Mostly, they are killed by careless drivers or by dogs. Spay helps in controlling the population of street cats. Besides preventing the birth of unwanted kittens, spaying offers health and behavioural benefits to your cat. These benefits also spill over to cat pet parents and to the neighbourhood.

Spaying (ovariohysterectomy) is a surgical procedure involving the removal of female reproductive organs (the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes). This procedure not only prevents pregnancy but also eliminates heat cycles. Females in heat tend to howl which causes considerable nuisance to you and those living in the neighbourhood. The cat is also under enormous stress. Female cats in heat attract unneutered male cats and there is considerable chaos and noise. This can be prevented by having your cat spayed.
Spaying brings in numerous health benefits to your cat. It reduces the risk of breast cancer, tumours of the reproductive organs and, more importantly, prevents pyometra. Pymotera is a serious infection of the uterus. Moreover, a spayed cat will be more docile and calm. Female cats can be spayed when they are four months old.
Please remember that a spayed cat is a Happy and a Healthy Cat!
(Sudhersena is volunteer at the Blue Cross since 1998 and an avid animal lover, pet parent of nine cats and three dogs. She is associated with a number of animal welfare campaigns and programmes).