Lovingly yours


Dogs have a way with your heart. Once you have one, you can never do without one. That’s exactly what happened to me. While on my evening walks and interacting with several people who walk their dogs, I came across a Lhasa Apso who had just become a dad. That’s where I found my pup Cocktail, a mix between a Lhasa and a Pom. She is a Valentine’s day baby. Cocktail has a fancy for bikes, I used to put her in a backpack and take her for a ride – she just loved it. Her fetish to chase cats got us into trouble. On a holiday to Pune, our lady decided to run after the feline and while chasing got pierced by a broken gate spike. I was in a state of shock and did not know what to do, luckily for us we got help and rushed to the vet where she got 5 stitches and recovered soon. This happened when she was an hyperactive 1-year-old. Today Cocktail is like a little lady and her boisterous days are history!
When Cocktail was 4-year-old, a friend of mine asked me if I knew anyone interested in adopting a Lhasa pup. Since I couldn’t find a home for the pup, I decided to keep him until I found a better place for him. The pup was sick and could not digest anything. Taking care of him, I adored him and he became a part of our family. We named him Tequila, he is three year old now. He wants undivided attention, he loves Cocktail but is very jealous of her. Whenever we play with Cocktail, he tries to push her away.
I am very proud of my babies. Cocktail and Tequila got an invitation for a Doggy’s day out at a Hawaiian party hosted by TailWaggers. Cocktail won a prize for the best kisses and Tequila for a Hawaiian dancer. Both my babies are darlings and I love them endlessly. Life cannot be the same without them, their smiles, wagging tails and unconditional love.
-Sanober G Master, Mumbai