Boozo buddy


Dog, in dictionary term means, “A domesticated canine mammal occurring in many breeds and that shows a great variety in size and form.” Ask a dog lover and you will get endless adjectives of all shapes and sizes.
We adopted Boozo when he was one year and two months old from a tea-stall man in Noida. His original owner left him there, where he was tied for the whole day and not taken care of. My sister and I could not bear the sight and decided to adopt him. From the very first day, he made a special place in my heart. He was not at all uncomfortable being next to a stranger. The lovely expressions in his eyes simply mesmerised me. He wanted to tell us that, “From now on, please forget all your fears and sorrows…Main Hoon Na!!” Apart from the name Boozo, we call him by names like buchi, motu and gundiboy (gundi implies lovable) and he responds to all of them.
My parents were not fond of Boozo at first, but today the irony is that when we go out shopping, my mom makes it a point to remind me to buy something for Boozo !
Boozo’s antics are endless, he loves to wake me up in the morning with his cold nose, he is a drool monster when he looks at me eating, it’s a crime to eat and not give him. Whenever I get late for his walk, he picks his chain and brings it to me. Whenever the alarm rings, he gets very excited as he knows it is time for me to wake-up, and if I don’t get up, Boozo becomes my natural alarm clock by growling- so I have no choice but to jump out of bed and take him for his walk. My friends who were initially scared of him are now his friends too!
I am very thankful to God for Boozo and I hope that he stays healthy and strong for a very long time to come.
– Shweta Shukla, New Delhi