Flashing Smiles all around!


Flash was an unwanted, ill-treated and uncared 5-month-old puppy when he came to my son and his wife in December 1999. He was skinny and badly infested with fleas, ticks, etc. He looked so terrible that even the vet could not exactly tell us which breed he belonged to. But with love and care, Flash is today a handsome, jet black 45 kg Labrador.
Flash is very obedient and follows basic commands. He says hello with a paw-shake and also does a ‘High 5.’ If Sweetie-pie, the Spaniel steps out of the front door, Flash ushers her in if he is told to. He even takes her for a walk by holding her leash and makes sure that she does not steps on the road. His favourite antic is to beeline for Dawg’s twinkling ball and rattle it. He walks around like a conquering hero.
I would like to add that Flash has a heart of gold. A month back, my son took Flash for a walk in the park. There, they came across a bunch of strays, terrorising a tiny kitten. In a flash, Flash chased the dogs away, and gently lifted the kitten by the scruff of his neck and placed him at my son’s feet. Then he gently licked him clean. Very soon, the kitten began rubbing against Flash, feeling very secure. We wondered if he still remembered his unhappy past when he went through the similar situation. After this very incident, he emerged as a complete hero who has conquered our hearts.
– E. De Sa, Mumbai