“Paw-Tails” l Sep-Oct-2005


Four for family
A dog brings a lot of happiness in our lives and when you have more than one, the joy multiplies manifolds. Although they come in various shapes, sizes and colours, one thing is common and it is the enormous love they give us back. I have four dogs: two Labradors, one Cocker Spaniel and one Golden Retriever.
My first dog was a brown Labrador, whom I got on my birthday. His love made me adopt three more. Two weeks later, I got a Golden Retriever and after 6 months, I got a Cocker Spaniel. More recently, I got a black Labrador home. They keep me on my toes all the time. Their antics amaze me. In order to greet us, Mr Black loves to bite as he is teething. My brown Lab, Mr Brown, jumps onto his hind paws. My Golden Retriever, Mr Gold is our personal guard dog and I simply love my Cocker’s ears, as they are completely irresistible.
Whenever I come home, my four-legged members are all around me. They are very adorable and their eyes are full of love for me. Our home is full of life and activities with them. They love their biscuits and come wagging their tails to get them. The love they give us is incomparable, they are my gems.
–Abhishek Swarup, Gurgaon