Purrfect introduction!


You are expecting a baby…but are not sure if your cat is ready for a new human friend. Here’s how to introduce your cat to the infant.
There is lot of excitement in the house…getting ready to welcome the new member of the family…all energies are channelised into preparing the home for the perfect homecoming. But there is one member in the house who is probably not ready for this big change. Yes, we are talking about your feline, who is probably unaware of the baby. But it is a proven fact that cats and babies can live harmoniously.
Here are a few tips for a harmonious relationship between your baby and cat:
Prepare your cat
Make sure that all his vaccinations are up to date and he is physically fit. Trim his claws. Play a recording of a baby crying in the house before the baby actually arrives to sensitise him of the sound.
Make him part of the preparations
Let your cat be familiar with baby items, like baby powder, wipes, baby lotion, diapers, etc. before the baby is born. If you are planning a baby crib, let your cat be familiar with it. Just don’t allow him to jump or sleep in it.
When the baby is born
Once the baby is born, send home a blanket of your baby, in which he has been wrapped, and let your cat sniff it. Praise him when he sniffs.
Once the baby is home
Do not disturb your cat’s routine….keep it the same. Talk to your cat when you are with the baby. Ensure he has positive experiences around the baby. Spend quality time with your cat, like grooming, playing or walking with him.
Keep the introduction short
Do not impose your cat to the baby. Let him take his own time and let him sniff the baby only in your presence and keep it short.
Baby-proof the house
Your cat’s food and water bowl as well as litter tray must be kept where your baby cannot reach as once the baby starts crawling, it would be difficult.
Quiet place for your cat
Designate a quiet cosy corner for your cat, where he can retreat when he wants to be left alone. This place should be away from your baby’s reach.
Keep sleeping areas apart
Ensure that your baby sleeps in a place where your cat cannot reach and vice versa.
See a feline behaviourist
In case your cat is jealous of the baby and has behaviour issues, contact a feline behaviourist.