“Paw-Tales” l Mar-Apr-2006


My buddy – Buddy
‘No’ was the only word, which was uttered by my parents, when I asked for a dog. But after much persuasion, I now proudly have a nine-month-old Pug named Buddy.
I brought Buddy home when he was just four-month-old. My heart just melted when I first saw him. He fit so well in the house with his sweet and friendly disposition.
Buddy loves to share my pillow and blanket, run all around the house, loves food, walks and car rides. He is possessive about his toys, likes his medicines (weird) and relishes whatever has been given to him. He follows me everywhere in the house and even into the bathroom, which is very funny. He is cute, playful, loving, huggable and a lot more. It was always my dream to have a dog and now that I have one I don’t ever want to lose him for anything in this world.
My mother was scared of dogs but now she’s just in love with him. He’s treated like the smallest child of the family and has won over everyone’s heart with his unique antics. We all adore him.
–Ameya Sirsat, Mumbai