IDA : Defending a cause


In Defence of Animals (IDA) has completed six years since its inception in October 1996. Within five months, they had started a mobile sterilization camp at Usha Nagar Society in Bhandup. Three years later, IDA got its own place at Deonar from BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation). Thus began a whole saga of animal care and welfare.
The commitment to the welfare of animals is instilled in each member of the organization. Ms. Fizzah Shah, Vice President of IDA once found a big dog helplessly dangling his front leg looking for some bits of food in dirty garbage dump. She just could not leave the dog and brought him to the IDA center. His front leg had to be amputated and the people at the IDA center nurtured him back to health. IDA staff found him beautiful with those three legs and affectionately named him ‘Samosa’. In January 2002, Samosa represented IDA at SPCA Mixed Breed Show and won a very special prize of Rs. 1000/- & gained a lot of appreciation from all members and animal lovers. Today, Samosa is an idle happy dog at IDA. He eats well, plays well and he loves IDA people whole-heartedly. IDA has proved that life is always precious, and everybody should be given a chance to live. Samosa is just one of the innumerable dogs who owes his life to IDA.

Objectives of IDA:

The association aims to provide all necessary infra-structural facilities, such as shelters, ambulance service, medical assistance for care and welfare of animals. It promotes and implements humane methods of animal birth control through sterilization programme and is actively creating awareness among young generation/school children about kindness and compassion towards animals. IDA is also creating a strong volunteer base to fight against violence and ill-treatment to animals.

Prime activities of IDA:

Animal Birth Control Programme (ABC)?: IDA has maintained its target of sterili-zing around 200 dogs/month. Treatment for sick animals: IDA also treats innumerable ill and injured animals, mainly dogs and cats that are brought in by ambulances, or by volunteers and concerned citizens. Abandoned, old and seriously ill dogs find refuge in the shelter homes of IDA. Wildlife rescue group?: The Group dedicates itself to the rescue of wild animals like snakes, parrots, monkeys, from the vendors. Adoption programme?: The association aims to provide home to dogs which are abandoned by the owner due to some health issue, old age or behavioral problem. Such dogs are rehomed after they get a temperament test. During this year, IDA could successfully rehomed – 5 Pomerians, 2 Dobermans and 13 pariah dogs including 9 rescued from the airport track.
IDA is an organization in action, continuously trying to upgrade the general living conditions of the dogs at work. For this, it has submitted a draft to the Govt of Maharashtra for welfare of dogs working as police dogs.
It is also trying to create awareness about the plight of dogs that are often beaten up, poisoned, killed or ill-treated by people. For this, Ms. Fizzah Shah and Mrs. Aban Bhote, committee member regularly visit different schools and educate children about it.
It even organizes fun-filled events to bring owners and pets together to spend quality time and also encourage adoption of mix breed or street dogs. It also hosts charity events. At one such screening of the film Scooby-doo and Monsters Unleashed, IDA honoured people who have specially adopted handicapped animals and showed a demonstration by a trained assistant dog (on how a dog helps a disabled person in his day-to-day life).
One can only say IDA is an organisaiton with noble cause! IDA is always looking for volunteers who are dedicated to the cause of animal welfare. If you wish to be one such volunteer or wish to contribute in form of donations, please contact: Pooja Sathe at 7, Shanti Kunj, 124, Hindu Colony, 5th Lane, Dadar, Mumbai -400014, Tel: 022-56268028, 09820596903, e-mail: or visit