I’m loving it!


Worldwide, pet owners are willing to spend more to satisfy their pets and bring them joy, as they are a part of their life. Treats form a major part of their spending as we all know that our dogs simply love them.
Delight their taste buds
Alike humans, dogs also need and love the occasional delicious helpings in the form of treats. These treats can be anything ranging from readymade treats in various sizes and flavours to home-made ones. Though we do not suggest you to overindulge your pet with treats, but an occasional splurge is not harmful.
Importance of treats
Treats not only delight your dog but they can be used for positive reinforcement dog training as well. They can be used as rewards for good behaviour and form a nice way to bond with your dog. Kong toys filled with treats can be used to keep your dog busy and mentally stimulate him. Besides, many treats are even healthy for your dog. For example, some treats can control plaque and tartar in dogs.
Count the calories
The obvious mantra for healthy and fit body is to count the calories of what you eat and the same principle applies to our dog as well. Obesity can cause health problems like arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. It is advisable to use low-calorie dog treats. Another way is to break larger treats into smaller portions and give one portion at one time.
Also, do not feed table scraps to your dog as they may be high in calories and low in vitamins and nutrients. It will also encourage your dog to beg.
Treat for a purpose
Make the treating occasion special, use treats as a reward.
Tips for feeding treats

  • Do not feed the treat just before meals.
  • Treats should not form more than 10 percent of your dog’s diet.
  • Do not supplement treats for your core dog food.
  • Break up large-size treats in smaller portions to make them last longer.
  • If your dog is on a special prescription diet, consult your vet first.
  • Always buy treats made with natural ingredients.
  • Use treats formulated with supplements like glucosamine which can help maintain joint health andeven relieve symptoms of arthritis.
  • If your dog is allergic to certain foods, ensure that  these ingredients are not there in the treats.

Different kinds of treats
There are many international and national brands available in the market, in different types, styles and sizes.
International treats
Dental treats
Treats that reduce plaque
and tartar, freshen breath and clean teeth.
Dried natural snacks
Gravy or sauces
Pourable liquids in different flavours like chicken, beef or bacon.
Ice-creams or frozen treats
Similar to human frozen deserts, available in cups or push-up pops.
Made into bacon-like ribbon in many protein types, flavours and lengths.
Similar to corn puffs, available in various shapes and flavours.
Iced or glazed biscuits
Biscuits coated with icing
or glazes.
Cuts of meat
Soft moist pieces in the shape of meat-cuts.
Sugary candies with lots
of digest to promote high palatability.
Soft moist chews with high levels of glucosamine or chondrotin to support joint health.
With high fibre content to increase satiety.
Booda Velvet Chews
Healthy corn-starch-based bones.
Rawhide dogchews and chewing bones
Bones and natural chews
for teething.
Kong Stuff’N treats
Designed for stuffing Kong toys.
Pup Corn Treats
Crunchy low-fat snack in humorous doggy shapes.
Chicken Tenders
Roasted 100% natural chicken breast fillets.
Crunchy Treats
Healthy morsels of assorted chicken, beef or salmon flavours, wrapped in a crunchy outer shell of wheat.
Freeze-dried Liver Snax
Yummy treat prepared from fresh whole liver.
Chip Cookies
Natural rawhide chips, which will water your canine’s mouth.
Canine Cuisine Cookies
Delicious cookies for all dogs.
Treats available in India
Denta Stix and Schmackos
Super Dog
Rawhides in all shapes and sizes ranging from balls, shoes, salami slices, kebab, kebab rolls, normal rolls with fillings of chicken, etc.
Energy Bar
An energy-giving snack
Breath and tartar control treats, which contains mint and eucalyptus. Natural breath freshener.
Bow Wow
Sticks in different flavours like chicken and cheese.
Dental treats which can remove plaque and tartar.
Pnutz and Nut R Nipz
They are both peanut flavour dog treats.
Hip Chips
They are available in smoky cheddar and bacon flavours.
Roberts & Thompson
Natural raw bones for adult dogs and are free of preservatives.
Total Big Beef
One of the few beef flavoured snack in India, with a soft texture and unique shape.
Chicken, beef and natural flavour treats.
Lamb Snack
Tartar control snack.
2nd wind large energy snack
An energy bar.
Rawhides and flavoured treats in chicken, mutton and eggs available in different shape and sizes. Also available mutton flavour munchies bone, bow shaped bone, smoked pork chips and ball shaped treats filled with raw bone powder.
Jerry’s Natural Health Treats
Nutritious liver treats with vitamins.
Sleepy Strap
Bacon, liver, beef and
chicken treats.
Jer High
Hot dogs in chicken flavour.
Rawhides to pamper canines.
Doggy Fun
Natural Cuisine Tartar Treats.
Asian Diet Products
Choostixs in a variety of flavours like chicken, beef, natural, parsley, spearmint, etc. Other treats like tripes, and chicken filled natural bones also offered.
One Earth Dog Treats
Biscuits made with all natural premium ingredients, proteins, vitamins and minerals, in three flavours: honey molasses, brewers yeast and garlic and peanut butter.
Yogies Dog Treats
Fun and tasty treats in peanut butter and French vanilla flavours.
Healthy Dog Treats
Faithful Famous’ dog biscuits and snacks, available in veg and non-veg flavours. Also offered Cocktail non-veg dog biscuits and stick rolls for tartar control, in original chicken.
Glenands, Crunch, Kart, Naughty
Dog biscuits in variety of range and flavours.
An anytime snax
8 in 1 Dental health mints.
Source : Petland (Defence Colony, New Delhi), Windsor (Khan Market, New Delhi) and KPS My Pet Shop (Mumbai).