Interesting & Intelligent Burmese


Burmese cats have unique characters all of their own. They like nothing better than to be part of their human family and love to be involved in everything that they do. They are intelligent, playful and will ask for affection and stimulation, making them a good family pet. Here’s more about Burmese.
Jane Brooks
Determined and wilful, Burmese cats are alert and inquisitive and regard your home as a place for them to have fun in. They are  able to make their own entertainment but prefer interactive games. A Burmese will try to help her pet parents with the household chores, such as making the bed and will turn it into a game. They will sit in the middle of the newspaper if you are trying to read it so that you are bound to notice them. They quickly learn which cupboard the treats are kept in and some of them can work out how to open doors. A favourite game is to play fetch which can go on until they get bored or you tire.
A dog-like cat
Some Burmese cats can become very attached to their pet parents and their home and will be protective of them, they have been said to be the most dog-like breed of cat. They enjoy companionship and do not like to be left on their own. They will form strong bonds with their human family and other pets especially if introduced as a kitten.Burmese cats are elegant breeds who feel heavier than they look. They are muscular and compact cats with slender legs, oval paws and a straight tail which is of medium width. They have strong chest and head which are in proportion to their body. The eyes of Burmese are distinctive, being large and lustrous yellow colour. The ears are rounded at the tip. The glossy coat is short and satin like in texture and it is hard to resist stroking it. In fact, they seem to be built to cuddle.

Original homes
Burmese are cats originated from Burma (Myanmar), Thailand and Malaysia and the breeds from these countries were taken back to America. The most famous of these is Wong Mau, a brown female. She is known as the mother of the breed and selective breeding to Siamese gave us the Burmese that we have today.
Ten colours
There are ten recognised colours of Burmese breed: Brown, a dark chestnut brown; Blue, a mid grey; Chocolate, a light brown; Lilac, a soft light grey with a pinkish tone; Red, a bright orange-red with a lighter orange to the outer coat; Cream, a cream colour with a powdery look to it; Brown tortie, brown with patches of cream; Blue, tortie blue with patches of cream; Chocolate tortie, chocolate with patches of red; and Lilac tortie, lilac with patches of cream.
Little grooming
Burmese cats require little in the way of maintenance as their short silky coats need nothing more than hand grooming although they do like to be brushed. A wipe over with a silk scarf or chamois leather will bring out the shine on the coat. Grooming is a pastime they greatly enjoy and helps to build a bond between cat and pet parent.
Lively and interesting
If you are looking for a quiet lifestyle, then a Burmese is not for you. But if you want a lively, interesting companion who enjoys being the centre of attention but shows unconditional love then give a Burmese or two a home. Once you have lived with a Burmese, life will not be the same without one.
(Jane Brooks is a UK-based breeder of Burmese and Singapuras breeds. She has been smitten by these small breeds with full of characters for over the last 18 years).