“Paw-Tales” l May-June 2006


A golden (ie) transformation… Indeed
I was not an animal lover but Goldie, my Golden Retriever pup has totally changed my life since she came into my life. Today Goldie and I are inseparable and I simply adore her.
Goldie – the beauty queen
Goldie looks gorgeous with a
golden mane, rustic brown shiny coat and a breezy tail. Taking her out for a walk is enchanting for she is the cynosure of all eyes. There are spontaneous queries on how good she looks and what we feed her to produce this effect!
Goldie – the glutton
Goldie loves munching and walloped the cake on her second birthday. She loves her eggs and snacks especially the beef bones and the chicken biscuits. She never ceases to ask for more and get away with it!! With her exquisite sense of smell, she can sniff anything edible from the corners.
Goldie – the miss luxurious
Goldie was born to an all American dad and banglorean mom, and inherited best of both. She loves a luxurious lifestyle – sleeps on an imported bed, uses an aromatic dentapaste and bathes with the most exotic shampoos. She also has a range of brushes and aromatic accessories.
Goldie – the Pollyannaish
Goldie loves toys in all shapes and sizes. Her favourite is the Indian Tenninkoit ring that I got her a few weeks back. She is extremely possessive about her toys and guards her territorial rights. Goldie loves to hangout in the balcony for hours gazing below and barking at her country cousins who dare to cross her visual tadars!!
Sometimes the way she communicates I feel if only she could speak! She has redefined love for me. Everyday I look forward to going home for her unconditional joyous welcome. Goldie is happy go lucky and thrives on love and affection. She offers a new prank everyday. We all love her for that.
– Dr T R Murali, Madurai