Atul Wassan


Mr. Atul Wassan – entrepreneur, cricketer, doting father, anchor, editor and Dog Lover! Atul is easily one of the most recognized persons around today. Simple yet stylish, friendly but packs a serious punch wherever he goes, Atul loves his dog and still finds time for him amidst all social, business and family time that fill up his life. Meet Atul & his Sultan. On Pets – We’ve always had pets. Our family home is in Shimla, where we have orchards and our summer house. We’ve always had many dogs. Sultan – the king, is also from there.
On Sultan – He’s a cricketer dog. I’ve always believed that we’ve been 2 cricketers at home -See him catch the ball?– flawless! He’s a part of the family and you can sure see that everybody is always feeding him. He’s growing bigger by the day.
On his relationship with Sultan – I’ve had him since Aayushmaan, my son was 3. He then became our little child. Now he’s big, but quite a sweetheart. We are a joint family and Sultan gets his share of attention from everyone. I feel he thinks I’m the big daddy. I’m also the tallest here!!
On what he likes most about dogs –They are almost human in their antics.I rubbish the Pablovian theory. They are more natural than that. Yes they exhibit conditioning but at the same time they have very natural strains in their behaviour. Don’t you agree? I like the way Sultan has a different approach to each one of us in the family. He’s watchful with the kids and carefree with my brother. He’s a pet to my mom and dad. I love that about dogs.
And time spent with Sultan – I’m a morning person. 20 years of being a cricketer has made me so. My best time with him is a long brisk morning walk?– Sultan loves it and I make most of our time then. Then we play, Aayushmaan my son, Aavantikaa my daughter and Sultan play ‘catch ball’. It’s family fun time! I obviously have more time on weekends and that’s when we laze around – especially now in the winters in the afternoon sun.
Sultan’s food – He’s a ‘biscuit boy’. Rusks, Marie, Glucose, Doggy bites – see him gobble those! But we also make sure he gets his nutrition and vitamins. I must admit that cricket balls must rank as Sultan’s top meal items – he must think they have a soft edible core, the way he bites into them!
Sultan’s favourite – My brother. He’s the one who got him from Shimla – I think they have a deeper bond. You should see his eyes light up when he see’s Hemant. I’m jealous.
Sultan’s care – The best. Bath’s only when he loves them. Heater fitted retiring room! Regular vet visits. Frequent jogs & sprints to keep his limbs fit. My international shopping positively includes something for him all the while.
To the readers – Sit by your pet sometime – ask them what they want. Observe them – you’ll see – they speak. They tell you what they want – It’s miraculous, but do it sometime!

Anand Chintamani