Snoopy- be my pet today and all tomorows


As the day was dawning, I saw a bright enthusiastic light. It came to me and was just like a shooting star in the night. His eyes were shining bright, In his posture was might. I was touched by his beautiful sight, I was delighted, I named him life. He took the dark side of my life, And brought joy. His furry fur was white as snow, His ears soft as foam, His move was gentle as wind His nose was wet as rain. He won my heart by these things. He made an aim for me to live in this world, We both promised each other to live together forever. And we both have spent these many years together, In talking – playing – enjoying and doing things, which we both like a lot. If there is rebirth, then I wish for having Snoopy as my pet in all my rebirths. Having a beautiful dog like Snoopy is just ‘AWESOME’.
–Rashmita, Hyderabad (Winner of the Softas Creative Kids Contest–Intas)