We always have kept two dogs—one large/medium and the other small. We have also had a GSD in the past. Currently, we have a Pomeranian and a Lab, who is very unwell. We are afraid our Pomeranian will get lonely. Please advice if we should adopt another dog.


My advice depends on your objective of keeping two dogs. Many pet parents plan to keep second dog hoping to reduce behavioural problems like separation anxiety or loneliness, etc. But the truth is, another dog is not likely to change that behaviour. Some may introduce another pet just to rejuvenate senior pet. While dogs are social creatures and most love to play with other dogs, your dog will still need human company and his daily walk with you. You’ll also need to spend one-on-one time with your new dog to bond with him and train him. If you don’t have enough time to spend with your dog, it’s unrealistic to think a second dog can fill in the gaps. While two dogs can absolutely be twice the fun, it also means double expenses of food, veterinary care, etc. Breed selection depends on your lifestyle, budget and space.

Question by – TGV Prasad, Hyderabad